Accelerate innovation, technology and manufacturing
in the Southern Key Economic Zone of Vietnam.

Binh Duong is developing an internationally established reputation in the field of technology, innovation and manufacturing.

“As part of the “Mighty Five” (the five Asia Pacific nations of Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam – MITI-V), Vietnam will continue to strengthen its position in manufacturing competitiveness. However, the manufacturing industry is raising its demand from a talent, technology, operational, financial, tax and regulatory perspective.”

Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index 2016, Deloitte

Binh Duong’s
key enablers

Focus on (high) tech and advanced manufacturing

Continuous investment in (technical) education and training and stimulating entrepreneurship and creativity

Close cooperation between (multinational) companies, universities and research centers to create advanced technology and innovation clusters

Expanding supplier networks and building (high) tech ecosystems in the Binh Duong region and the South of Vietnam

Pro-active & pro-business government, offering incentives, one-stop services and public-private partnerships



Binh Duong
New City